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Our unique method is extremely effective. Unlike other so-called fitness experts, we scientifically determine your strengths and weaknesses before daring to speculate what type of exercise regime you should undertake. This eliminates the likelihood of injury and leads to quicker results. First, we'll identify restrictions in motion, joint instability, muscular tightnes, compensation patterns and muscle weakness. Then, we use carefully designed MAT protocols to "jumpstart" your muscles to get them working the way they were intended to work. While other fitness professionals use cookie-cutter solutions,Fitness From The Inside Out will design an exercise program customized according to your own specific needs.

about fitness from the inside out founder bill busch

Bill Busch has worked in the health and fitness industry sine 1985. He has trained hundreds of clients and educated thousands of people. His expert advice has been featured in newspapers, magazines, podcasts, on the radio and on a TV sports talk show, plus now in his ground breaking Fitness From The Inside Out podcast. Bill was a competitive amateur bodybuilder from 1987 to 1993, placing second in the 1991 Mr. Michigan Gold Cup. He places an high value on education, having earned a bachelors degree in Nutrition and Food Science and many different personal training certifications including ACE, AFAA, NASM, NSCA CPT and CSCS since 1990. But being a certified Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist is what really raises the bar. His ability to thoroughly assess your particular physical condition puts him far above the usual personal-trainer mindset of doling out the same excerises to everyone. Each of Bill's clients get specialized one-on-one attention and never get any cookie-cutter advice.

in the press

TimeOut Chicago Magazine -August 21, 2008:

"We feel your pain: Between all the chin-ups, pull-ups and push-ups, going to the gym can be a downer. That's where personal-fitness guru Bill Busch
comes in. His passion for fitness is contagious, prompting even the laziest of couch potatoes to try on those jogging shoes collecting dust on the closet floor. In his podcast, Busch breaks away from the pack of exercise teachers by cracking the code of the body-mass-index chart, analyzing the mechanics of physical repetitions and flaunting his intimate knowledge of the human body. He addresses the physical weaknesses of individual clients and prescribes exercises based on�Muscle Activation Techniques, a relatively new method for physical training."